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To know about Bilberry in detail

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To know about Bilberry in detail are as follows :-

Bilberry is relative of blueberry, a plant which is used in making medicines including its leaves and fruits when dried. It is native to North America and Europe. Bilberry is a deciduous rhizomatous perennial shrub belonging to ericacea family. Cultivation of bilberry is increased in comparison to several years. Blueberry is the term used for bilberry in English. The fruit of bilberry is small in comparison to other berries but when it comes to its taste it is full of it. The soil in which bilberries are found lacks nutrition and is very acidic. They are very dark in color, black with a slight shade of purple and the pulp of this fruit is green in color. It can be eaten raw. There come many difficulties in growing bilberry. Bilberry pie is very famous amongst dishes and jams in Finland. Bilberry in France is used for flavoring purposes and in enhancing the taste of desserts. It is also used as a base for liquors. There is something new about bilberry and that is it can suffer from a disease called bilberry blight which is caused by phytophthora kernoviae. Some claim that bilberry helps gratefully in the improvement of night vision but clinical evidences which are available do not agree to it completely. Bilberry has been used for diarrhea especially when the cases are mild. It is an herbal product. A substance present in its fruit is for strengthening capillary resistance and protects capillaries from damaging and this damage is caused by free radicals.

Serving Ideas For Bilberry

Bilberry is served in many forms. 

  • In the form of fruit which is full of benefits when eaten fresh. 
  • In jams, pies, and its fruit powder.
  • Bilberry juice is very common in markets. Its herbal properties help boosting its antioxidant activity.

How Does Bilberry Works ?

Bilberry contains chemical named tannin that can help in reducing inflammation i.e. swelling caused due to irritation in mouth and throat. Tannin which is present in bilberry improves diarrhea. Chemicals present in bilberry can help controlling the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. Another chemical named flavonoids present in bilberry leaf improves circulation in those suffering from diabetes. Problem of circulation is harmful for the retina of eyes.

Chemical Constituents of Bilberry

Bilberry fruit contains resveratrol and fourteen different anthocyanins those are Maldivian – 3 – arabinoside, cyaniding – 3 – rutinoside, peonidin – 3 –glucoside, petunidin – 3 – galactoside, delphinidin – 3 – glucose etc. its fruit juice contains  three percent i.e. 3 % anthocyanosides such as procyanidins b1, b2, b3, b4; myrtillin.




Nutritional Facts about Bilberry

Bilberry fruit is high in nutrition. It is used in making pies and jams which when eaten in combination of other foods increases its nutrition. Tea is good for health it boosts immunity system to some extent, leaves of bilberry are used in tea. Bilberry is a rich source of nutrition for both humans and animals. It is enriched with vitamin c. They are recognized as a good source of flavonoids which are blessed with antioxidants activity. Bilberries contain pigments of anthocyanin.

Common Name :
Arielle, bilberry fruit, bilberry leaf, dwarf bilberry, dye berry, huckleberry, hurtle berry, arandano, brim belle, European bilberry, bleaberry, black whortles and many others

Botanical Name :
Vaccinium Myrtillus

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