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To know about Chromium Picolinate in detail

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To know about Chromium Picolinate in detail are as follows :-

About chromium picolinate, it is a supplement most preferable in diet obsessed culture. Chromium is a trace mineral that cannot be digested if consumed. Thus, it is added to picolinate acid so chromium can be absorbed properly. It normalises glucose level and reduces excess fat from the body. Moderate amount of chromium is found in unprocessed foods. These days, chromium picolinate or chromium pro supplements help various metabolic functions in the body.


It was in late 1790s when chromium picolinate was first discovered in France and it took its position in the medicinal world in 1960s. Diabetic patients as well as Alzheimer’s disease patients may reap out benefits from chromium picolinate supplements. The chemical compound, chromium when added to picolinate acid gives a bright red coloured complex. Chromium regulates the insulin, glucose and cholesterol in the body during metabolism process. By doing so, it manages to hit its main function of losing appetite.


A natural alternative to steroids, chromium picolinate has lots of health benefits. Chromium picolitine is manufactured as herbal supplements. It is considered to be a part of a programme that includes diet, exercise and weight control.

How Does Chromium Picolinate Works ?

The main function of chromium is to regulate blood-glucose level since chromium is the vital component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF). GTF helps increase in the insulin and utilising the insulin better. Insulin lowers the level of blood glucose and thus, insulin attaches with the receptors initiated by GTF. 


Insulin transports the glucose all over the body cells so to provide energy that facilitates cell functioning. Together with insulin, chromium picolinate is synthesised by pancreas to metabolise carbohydrates. Chromium in chromium picolinate makes the muscle cell receptors more sensitive to the insulin thus, reducing the fatty acids in the body.

Chromium picolinate stimulates the activity of insulin thus, aids the fat metabolism and body’s glucose. Reports suggest that as chromium picolinate stimulates insulin, it increases serotonin production. Since chromium participates in cholesterol metabolism, chromium is involved in regulating nucleic acid metabolism, the building blocks of DNA.

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Chromium Picolinate

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