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Minimum Requirements of Mineral

Minimum Requirements of Mineral are as follows :-

Your body requires macro-minerals, such as calcium, sodium, chloride, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, in larger amounts. Men between ages 19 to 70 and women between ages 19 to 50 require 1,000 mg of calcium per day. Men above 70 and women above 50 require a minimum 1,200 mg/day. Both adult men and women need 700mg of phosphorus. Men between ages 19 to 30 need 400 mg of magnesium and those above 30 need 420 mg. Women between ages 19 to 30 require 310 mg of magnesium per day, while those above  30 require 320 mg. The daily adequate requirement of potassium for men and women is 4.7 gm. Men and women between ages 19 to 50 years need 1.5 gm. of sodium and 2.3 gm. of chloride each day, respectively. Men and women aged between 51 to 70 years need 1.3 gm. of sodium and 2 gm. of chloride a day, while those over 70 need 1.2 gm. of sodium and 1.8 gm. of chloride, respectively.

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