To Know About Color Therapy

To know about Orange color


Orange is the color for sacral chakra which is situated in the lower abdomen. This chakra is related to uterus, prostrate, testes, ovaries and large intestine. And the endocrine glands associated with this chakra are ovaries and testes. 

Psychologically this chakra is related to self- respect. It gives ability to ourselves the freedom to be ourselves, and to give respect to one’s own limits and requirements and, in the same way, giving respect to others boundaries. Orange symbolizes creativity and one can give space to have creative time just for them. 

Orange colour is beneficial in the following 

Orange is warm, cheering, and non-constricting and has a freeing action on the mind and body, releasing control. Orange color stimulates thinking and helps to create new ideas. Orange color helps in dealing with excess sexual expression. Orange color is used in the ailments related to lungs, respiration and the digestive problems and it also increases the activity of the thyroid gland. It helps in relieving muscle cramps and contractions.

How to use orange colour

Orange colour can be used in home to provide a balance environment. Orange is the colour that symbolizes fun and sociability and it can be used in any working area and inventive area. Do not use orange colour in bedrooms or the areas of possible stress. 

Positive aspects of orange colour 

  • Joyous                         
  • Self-confident                 
  • Enthusiastic                 
  • Independent                 
  • Sociable                 
  • Constructive                 
  • Creative                  

Negative aspects of orange colour

  • Despondency
  • Pride
  • Exhibitionism
  • Dependency
  • Destructive attitudes
  • Unsociable
  • Difficulty interacting with others
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