Yoga, Pranayam And Mudra For Diseases

To know About Mandalasana (Circle Pose)


1) Lie down on a mat with your back touching the floor. Next, raise your body off the floor by bending your knees, similar to a Bridge Pose. Move your palms toward your head, and clasp your finger behind your head. 2) With your head rested firmly between your forearms and your body raised off the floor, start moving your legs toward the right in a circular motion. Your head should be the center point of the circle that you effectively make with your feet. 3) Once you reach half way, you would need to raise one of your legs (depending on which direction you are moving in) and bring it over. What this means is that if you are with your back toward the floor, then at half way point, you would need to lift your right leg, and twist your body, bringing your right leg down on the other side such that your back is now facing the ceiling. You would need to switch legs, at every half way point, while making full circles.

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